Monday, March 14, 2011

Autodesk: Accelerating Better Design

Right about the time I started working on the Fun That's Good for You videos, Tori had just kicked off storyboarding out a video for software conglomerate Autodesk to raise awareness of their vast and diverse product line. The project was ambitious to say the least. It was to be a (roughly) 60 second spot featuring various models from companies who use Autodesk products.

The work was broken up into 3 sections. The introductory "Design Stream", the middle of the piece featuring the 3d Models, and the final reveal of the autodesk logo. Jake took the intro, Tori animated the finalé, and I was tasked with assembling all of the shots that incorporated 3d assets.

For the bulk of the 3d production we worked with another SOMA company that we were refereed to by Autodesk, named Medized. They handled taking the various architectural and prototyping models and getting them into Maya and 3DSmax. They delivered passes directly to me and I assembled the final composites.

A lot of people put a lot of late nights into this, and I'm damn proud of it. Looking forward to the next Behemoth project like this one.

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