Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AKQA: Woof

These are a selection of clips from the 2006 AKQA holiday card that I worked on. This was a very short project, but was a lot of fun.

We shot the various office dogs against a white background and then got to come up with a number of ways to kill them. the hardest part of all of this actually turned out to be finding a loop-able chunk of footage for each of the dogs we worked with(except for Chad, he's a consummate professional).

I was responsible for doing everything for the various 3d elements in the shots, and once that was done I got to do full assembly for the Anvil shot (which has been my favorite shot since the initial concept).

The rest of the shots were assembled by Caio Lazzuri.





One last note: I strongly recommend checking out the site  the clips I have don't have the final audio and the Anvil shot comes alive when the sound is on.

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